What is the Rift Arcade Market?

It’s a central repository and marketplace for Oculus Rift games, demos and software. You’ll find the latest demos and games here, each with a beautifully designed page that includes video content, galleries and detailed game information.

Any Oculus Rift developer can sign up for free, then once approved start uploading their games for everyone to try. They can add text, images and multiple files then track downloads in real-time from a powerful back-end dashboard.


Customer FAQ

Do I need to create an account to download games?

No, you only need to enter your email address at the checkout and first name. This enables us to automatically send you an email with your download/purchase details.


What will you do with my email address?

Nothing. We won’t share it, sell it or even look at it. We have better things to do. Like play Oculus Rift games. Your email address is only used for download receipts.


What benefits does having an account bring?

You’ll be able to see a history of your downloads and purchases and then re-download them in just a few clicks.


How do I re-download a game or new release?

Simply log into the site then visit your Download History page. From there you can re-download a game or download its latest release by simply clicking on the games file link.


Why is there a basket/checkout system for free games?

To ensure download links aren’t widely spread around the web. Additionally, the checkout system logs download statistics, enabling developers to see and track their file popularity in real-time.


What countries is The Rift Arcade Market available in?

Every country in the world. There are no borders in our marketplace.


Developer FAQ

How do I get paid for game sales?

Sales are paid into your PayPal account every two weeks. You can see your current downloads and earnings from your developer dashboard.


Why every two weeks?

Under UK law, customers are legally entitled to request a refund within the first 14 days of a purchase. By paying developers every two weeks, we can issue refunds on your behalf, and ensure when payments are made they are final.


Can I link to my website/file instead of hosting it on The Rift Arcade Market?

Yes you can. Feel free to use the Market as a promotional page for your game.


What’s the maximum file size limit?

3Gb. If you’d like to upload larger files, send us an email.


Can I receive the details of gamers who buy my game?

Sure. When submitting your game simply tick the BE NOTIFIED OF PURCHASES checkbox and we’ll automatically notify you of every sale. The notification will include the name and email address of those who buy your game.


What percentage of game sales do I keep?

There are two commission rates that cover bandwidth, PayPal and credit card fees: For games up to $1.49 we charge a 30% fee, and if your game is more than $1.50 we take only 15%.


Why can’t I link directly to files hosted on The Rift Arcade Market?

Because all files are placed in a protected directory on our server, preventing them from being hot-linked. However, if you’d like a direct link send us an email and we’ll send if your way.


Does The Rift Arcade take any ownership of files?

No. Your games files are yours, and you’re free to remove them at any time. We only ask that we can show off your game and host its assets.


How do I know when I’ve made a sale?

From your Developer Dashboard, where you can monitor sales, edit existing games and upload new games.


Are there any DRM (Digital Rights Management) involved?



Can I upload personal files?

No, keep it game related please! Are server might explode if you start using it as a backup system.


Is the Rift Arcade Market only for Oculus Rift games?

Yes. If you’d like to upload regular PC/OS X/Linux games, check out www.itch.io.


How long does it take to approve a game?

No more than 24 hours. During this time we’ll create interactive galleries, embed videos, test links/files and  ensure your game page looks amazing.