About the Download


Find solitude alongside a quiet pier overlooking a tropical beach, intensify your zen-style by embracing a private forest at sunset in the soothing rain, soothe your soul by basking in the sunlight reflected off a coy pond, or stare down into a canyon born from millennia of change.

And this is just the beginning. Our team is building a complete relaxation application for launch alongside the consumer Oculus Rift. Please help us make this app even better with your ideas and votes on our public roadmap. We’re excited to have your hand in building the best experience possible!

Here are the four environment you’ll find in Guided Mediation v1.02:

Birchnut Forest:

At Birchnut Forest, nothing exists except you and the rain. Allow yourself to get lost in this forest sanctuary surrounded by the tall, calming trees. Large, soft pillows of clouds clutter the sky. You feel your lungs taking in crisp air, allowing you to breath even deeper. You realize how long it’s been since you’ve allowed your lungs to expand fully. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus your mind, and then release as the rain refreshes your spirit.

Cosmo Canyon:

At Cosmo Canyon, soak up the warm Western sun as you hike through the secluded desert. There’s no one in sight—you are one with the ancient mountain formations. And you’re determined to find the perfect spot to rest, to breath it all in, to take mental photographs that you’ll never forget. As warm sun beams gently rest on your shoulders, you come across the best view the canyon has to offer. Take this moment to appreciate this golden, majestic landscape with an infinite sky.

Costa Del Sol:

During your next lunch break, how about taking a 10-minute walk of zen along the pier? Watch the waves gracefully crash beside your feet. Take a deep breath of fresh air, as you look up into the crisp white, lucid clouds, noticing the gentle sun beams shine through them. Go ahead and take a rest underneath a palm tree. As you breath in, then breath out, you hear nothing but the seagulls flocking in the blue sky, the cool breeze from the soft winds, and waves hitting the shore. And for the first time ever, leave the sunscreen at home.

Yokosuka Garden:

Engender mindfulness as you make your way through the Yokosuka Garden. Start your practice of inner peace by being completely still in the center of the zen dojo, an open space of tranquility and stillness. Then make your way through the Japanese gardens where you’ll find an abundance of cherry blossoms and blue butterflies. And if your heart desires, take a rest on the wooden red bridge overlooking a restful mountain.