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MazerVR: Episode One


MazerVR: Episode One provides retro graphics with addictive shoot-em-up game-play designed to provide excellent presence on both high and low-end PCs! Check out Jump Swing Studio’s first ever game release for the Oculus Rift.

Collect power orbs and avoid the aliens, or better yet show them what they’re up against with your blaster!

Game Description

MazerVR: Episode One is an interactive arcade-style virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift. You take the place of an adventurer who comes across a giant life-size maze. Survive the maze and ensure no one becomes imprisoned in this death-trap again! There are strange alien orbs that will stop at nothing to end your attempts at providing this much-sought freedom for fellow travelers.

Your mission is to collect all of the power orbs controlling these alien creatures as well as their maze from another world. Avoid the aliens, or better yet show them what they’re up against with your blaster.

This game has been designed to be CPU and GPU friendly; this means excellent frame-rates for enhanced presence on both high-end and low-end PC’s. Jump Swing Studios is passionate about having VR accessible to everyone, on many types of computer rigs.

Special thanks to the following folks for audio and music: Julien Matthey, Msl, Mike Koenig, Noirex, and Frank Nora.

Works with Windows XP/7/8 including Windows 10.


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